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Camp Barnes Counselor applications are now available for summer of 2020.

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Camp Barnes applications will be available on March 1st 2020 at or any Delaware State Police Troop. The application process is a first come first serve process. Please do not turn in any application prior to March 1st 2020. All applications must have 2020 on it to be accepted. Please do not send in any application with a different year/no year on it. The camp filled up in approximately a week last year (600 spots), so please turn in a completed application in a timely manner. The applications can be
e-mailed, faxed, or mailed to me at the locations that will be provided on the application. The best method to turn in a completed application is to e-mail it directly to me.

The application will also have orientation dates/locations included with it. Orientations are for informational purposes, they are not the primary method of turning in applications. Attendance at an orientation does not guarantee a spot at the camp. Thanks for your interest in Camp Barnes.

Camp Barnes

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